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At The Fair
As a kid, I loved going to the fair. Men and women calling to me as I walked down the midway. Each one wanting me to try their game of chance. Once in a while, I actually thought I won. 

I gave them permission to market to me. Fundraisers and marketers are usually not like fair workers, but we do want our constituent’s permission.

One way is from your website, but we both know most visitors to your website will not automatically opt in. They need an incentive…something free. 

As you ponder the freebie and how they opt in to get it, please keep these 3 things in mind:

1. It must be simple. Visitors to your website should immediately see and understand the offer.
2. It must be relevant. For example, the American Heart Association might offer white papers like 5 Signs You’re Having a Heart Attack or 5 Foods That Reduce Heart Disease.
3. It must be easy. Don’t ask for their life history to opt in. Maybe all you need is their name and email address.

Using those emails in your communications can create a better experience for your audience. Now let’s get some emails and maybe win a stuffed animal.  
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