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Have you ever been embarrassed while watching old home movies of your childhood? As much as you would have loved to destroy those videos years ago, one company is glad your parents didn’t.

Facebook wants videos in your stream, because that's what their 1 billion users like. If your organization doesn’t want to disappoint all those users, let’s look at how you can add videos to your fundraising.  

Think of your video as an action movie. First, develop the villain you are fighting – homelessness, cancer, abuse and so on. Next, reveal how to defeat this villain. Lastly, show the potential donor how she or he can be a superhero by defeating the villain.

Please keep in mind that your action movie can only last 90 seconds.

My bet is some of you had a cape and played Superman or Wonder Woman in your home movies. Use videos to help your donors feel like superheroes.   

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